My Feelings Are Not My Own

The control you have over me,

Turning my feelings,

Owning them,

Controlling them,

Until mine are now my own.

This power you have over me.

To change me to the core.

Change my being at your whim.

My powerlessness.

Your firm hand.

Dragging me wherever you want.


6 thoughts on “My Feelings Are Not My Own

      1. Wow, I am sitting here beyond being in awe, realizing that when I reached out to you in the first place, my gut level was telling me you could be a lot like me. I suffer from all of the cousins I mentioned in the heading. So…I have a lot of experience in how all these feelings affect me, and apparently a lot of other people. Your reply to me has just humbled me because I’m not always sure that what I do reaches people. This confirms it does, even it is only you. So…since you inspired me, I’m going to go ahead and write a message on the site to share what I know about it. So be watching out for it. Hopefully it will help you. Bless you, my new friend. And thank you so much for your comments. You’ve made my day!


      2. I will look out for it. Been scared to talk to others. Don’t wanna talk to a GP. Don’t want to tell my crush, who has BPD, that I may (dunno if she remembers I did tell her), I don’t want her to think I’m “copying” her, but I know that sounds stupid, because of course I’m not. I’ve had this longer than I’ve known her, longer than since I learned she had it.

        All so difficult. Hence the sad posts on my site.

        A way to try and cope.


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