Your smile makes me grin,

A message from you brightens up my day,

Your jokes make me laugh,

My jokes make me giggle and beam,

You recommend a film and that makes it much better.

You, make me a better version of myself.

One I like.

All I offer is kindness and care.

It is not enough being me, for you.

But it’s all I have to offer.

To be around you.

I feel complete.

I lose track of time.

Everything blurs into the background.

You are my focus,

My giddy self.

That feeling. It’s indescribable.

Fills me with warmth and joy.

Yet when it’s over I hold on,

Play it over in my head,

Hope for the next time.

Live excited knowing I get to see you again.

Any excuse to see you.

That way you come over, sit next to me,

Chat, joke, laugh, or even confide.

Gives me warmth inside.


This, my feelings, my person.

Am I enough? No.

But it is all I am, all I can be.

Now, it is up-

To You.

Delicate, Gentle Fox

The way you look at me,

Those sweet delicate eyes,

Gentle complexion,

The way you jump and skip,

Run around me,

We play,

We laugh,

We console,

We talk.

You kind and gentle Fox.

You mean the world to me.

The best times involve you.

The worst also. But it was never your intention.

I care,

I love you my gentle little Fox.

Your delicate nose,

Cute laugh.

Fragile purring.

Your kind embrace.


My dear little Fox, the care I offer,

Myself I give,

To help,

To care,

To support.

Through all the best.

Especially all of the worst.


I shall be there,

My kind beautiful Fox