Your smile makes me grin,

A message from you brightens up my day,

Your jokes make me laugh,

My jokes make me giggle and beam,

You recommend a film and that makes it much better.

You, make me a better version of myself.

One I like.

All I offer is kindness and care.

It is not enough being me, for you.

But it’s all I have to offer.

To be around you.

I feel complete.

I lose track of time.

Everything blurs into the background.

You are my focus,

My giddy self.

That feeling. It’s indescribable.

Fills me with warmth and joy.

Yet when it’s over I hold on,

Play it over in my head,

Hope for the next time.

Live excited knowing I get to see you again.

Any excuse to see you.

That way you come over, sit next to me,

Chat, joke, laugh, or even confide.

Gives me warmth inside.


This, my feelings, my person.

Am I enough? No.

But it is all I am, all I can be.

Now, it is up-

To You.

8 thoughts on “You.

      1. I know. I was in that kind of situation most of my life. It always felt like I was the one giving and the other person was holding back. But just remember, you are awesome. Don’t let anyone make you feel differently. You are a very gifted person full of love and depth. Intensity can scare some people. I know. I scared a lot of people. But then I began to embrace the uniqueness of my own being. I share with those who can “handle it”. The others I love anyway, but have had to build a boundary so I don’t crash and burn from their not meaning to reject me. It’s all working out better. But it is terribly painful sometimes. But the JOY of being me and recognizing the truth around me has been freeing. Anyway, long story short, you make my day. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I wish I write that freely.

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      2. Thanks so much, means a lot! I feel like that too, it hurts. Hurts greatly, has put me in the worst places I have ever been.

        It’s the girl I care about’s birthday, got an idea of a small present, a bit worried how it’ll go but all I can do is try and be me!

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      3. This is where your borderline personality will kick in. Did you read the description I wrote on the Living on the Borderline site yesterday? Well, it’s a bit lengthy, but to summarize, anything that makes your chemicals go wild and you react with the perception that someone has rejected you, abandoned you, will reject or abandon you, makes you paranoid. Then you may have a minor or major panic attack. The you may respond negatively to that person who caused the chemicals to go wonky. That person having the same chemical responses just makes everything worse. The best way my husband and I worked through all these emotions and chemicals going rampant down a rabbit hole was to honestly say to each other “Wow, that really hurt me. I’m probably just perceiving your rejection, etc, and maybe my reaction is making you feel hurt also. I wouldn’t purposely hurt you, because that kills me inside. Can we just accept that we care about each other and try to work on this together. Then try to hold each other, or just change the subject. Play a game together, anything that will take the emphasis off of the emotions. Always be complimenting the other person and saying thank you constantly. Having compassion for the other person, which sounds like you have a barrel full, is great. The other person may not be able to reach out that far right now. But…I have faith in you, Nice Guy, you keep on believing this can work and keep trying. You’ll be able to sow many seeds of love and compassion all around you. And if it isn’t received in that way at the moment, just give it time. I’m not a doctor, but if you are reacting these ways, it’s pretty clear that at least you, me, and Erick, my husband are in the same boat. We’ll all work together. Be blessed. Sharon

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      4. Wanna access that site but couldn’t through yours.

        This person scarred me most in one night talking about my flaws, saying I’m too nice, a pushover. We stopped talking for months. Then she started and we see each other almost every day. Seems she’s messaging me more than before when it was only me. I’m in a better place now than before and reacting better. But me seeing more of her interest, that happened before so dunno if it’s just me, but will have to find out.

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