Bleeding Kindness

My kindness bleeds through my skin.

Pierced through my skin,

Through my heart.

Beating out of my chest.


Clawing at myself.

Not knowing real from false.

Turning euphoria sour,

At a moment’s notice.

With a single thought.

A single ache.

I still care.

Even if you were to hurt me.

Like the scars of before.
This poem has been cut short. In the middle of writing it, my crush phoned me and we chatted for 2 hours, joked, flirted (or so I think) laughed and was all good. Went from crying to laughing and feeling warm. Kinda, and gladly lost the sad feelings I had when starting to write it. It’ll have to end there then I guess.

Feeling Used

Feeling used,

Just a thought.

But feeling used,

For this, for that.

Is there care behind that smile?

My kind deeds mean something to you?

Sometimes this bipolar thoughts.

Separated by a single memory. The same memory.

Different view.

What is this.

Why this.

The help I offer. The love I give.

Is it left empty.