Those Mixed Feelings Saying Goodbye

Those mixed feelings,

Saying goodbye,

Unended conversation,

A lot left unsaid,

The letting go.

Those mixed feelings,

Mixed goodbyes.

Wanting to be there for you,

To be there with you.

A lot left unsaid,


Through those mixed feelings.

Till I see you again.

On my mind through those mixed feelings,

Left wondering if we could be more,

If you feel the same way,

The way I feel for you.

To be with you,

To hold you.

To see you,

Through those mixed feelings.

Could we be more? Than these mixed feelings?

Call Away From Darkness

One call.

Dragging me from darkness.

Sad and crying,

The worries,

The pain.

One call from you.

All is better.

We talk, we flirt, we joke.

We feel a place to be.

I feel a place,

Laying in bed,

Feeling close,

Your voice,

Music to my ears.

Laying here, captivated by your voice,

Your song,

Your laugh.

2 hours pass like seconds.

The call ends and all I want is it to continue.

That great stretch from the depressed to the euphoric.

You bring this about.

As my own worries bring the darkness.

Your call,

Pushed away the darkness.