Linger on Every Word

Phone rings,

Your name,

A picture, your beautiful, pretty face.

I beam, despite the thoughts.

Left thinking, wondering.

Answer to hear your voice.

Left lingering onto your every word,

The cute voice,

Sweet sound,

That warm presence you give,
The care I wish I could show,
The smile you have,
Transmitted through sound,

Warms my heart,
Warms my soul,
Like a warm blanket,
To lay next to you.
That smile,
Your face.

I linger on every word,
Every giggle,
Every chuckle,
Every feeling.

Even if I shouldn’t,
I linger on your every word, your every smile.


My following my blog post, my crush called me, made me feel a little better while talking to her, she sounded sleepy and cute, and I care. Told her to sleep longer before coming to meet me to do some work together, that she wanted to do. That’s the inspiration.

So many mixed feelings.


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