Is this what I am left with?

You tease, you know, you find another, keep me close.

You leave me alone.

Leave me tag along.

Stringing me along,

Stringing me up.

Why do you do this?
What have I done?
But try, be kind, care.

Better to free me, rather than string me up.

Left with this heartache unsolved,

Only left with this heartache, you always drag me along, though this heartache.

Living a life not my own.

Living a life, hurt.

A life of lies,
To pretend it’s all fine
To pretend I can cope.

Breaking out from the inside.

The heartache breaking me apart.

Breaking me up.

Breaking me apart.

Life and Poetry

Just a small blog, contemplating poetry how I see it, how I write it, how it adds to me and how I add to it.

It is a process heavily influenced by life, and it influences my life, an outlet for all sorts of feelings, an immortalisation of feelings. Commemoration of feelings.

I find myself writing poetry regularly, as things do occur in my life and it is a great way to reflect, a great way to think, a great way to relax and ponder, a creative process that is welcome with the stresses of life.

I find myself in a situation, good, bad or any combination or other circumstance, and if I feel the need, poetry offers reflection, offers a crucial and also a link. This link between life, experiences and creative expression through poetry I cannot even comprehend.

Just a small blog about the influence of poetry on my life, how it works for me, I would love to hear anyone else on their experiences of poetry on their life.

It is amazing, it is complex, it is interesting, the formulation of ideas from experiences, the construction of expression along with the inherent biases and cumulative experiences onto a creative form.

A form that can also help others, relate to others, form connections with others and provide another level of fulfillment to my life.

Summer Warmth

That summer warmth,

Out in the wilderness,

Nothing to think about,
Living in the moment.
Living that moment.

All is good,
All is warm,
Warmth is good

Keeping together the excitement,
Keeping that summer warmth,

That summer sun,
Gently touching my skin,
Giving me warmth,
Showing me life,

Relaxing, yet real.
Real yet warm,
Warm but finite
Finite but a reminder of the world’s existence

The warmth available.

That summer warmth,
You show me,
What I often cannot see,
What I often ignore.

This summer warmth,
Lessons from life,
Of life.

Life of the summer’s warmth.