Suppressing the Swing

From one to another,

A massive change,

A strong shift.

With one memory,

One thought.

Is this real?

From love to hate in an instant.

The pain, anger, hate.

The storm of the mind’s eye.

The heat of the rage.

Memories from the past,

Emotions of the present.

Rage and pain.

Knocking down the walls.

What is there to do?

To escape this storm.

Calm the storm, dampen the damage,

Lie to yourself.


Lose yourself to the swing


Sever My Ties

Sever my ties.

Cut me loose.

Cut me out.

Cut me off.

Set me free,

Away from the fire,

Away from the chains, away from the noose and the blades and the pain.

Give me this one thing.

Sever the ties. Set me free. Let me be. Let me save me.

Tipping Point

Tipping point closing,

Grip slipping,

Control weakenjng.

The ever-long struggle to maintain.

Myself. My mind.

The tired feeling of being.

Losing. Slipping. Falling.

That balance of your,

The balance of me, the balance of mine.

Empty nothingness.

Slipping to The Fall.

Losing. Waiting. Hurting. Pained.

Gentle Days

Those gentle days,

Fragile time,

Warm mentions,

Ending summer,

Final breaths,

Last gasps,

Yearning being,

Left out.

All alone,

Fragile existence,

My emptiness.

My fragile gentle days,

What is left to yearn for?

A gentle day turned bad.

A kind smile turned vicious.