A Goodbye I don’t Know How to Say

So hard to say,
To put a world and mind into words,
To say you have to go.

Can words every put your mind into theirs?

Can the feelings be truly shared?

Goodbyes are hard to say,
Even when they’re the easiest.

Goodbye, my dear friend.
The one I care for,
One I care about.

You said you missed me,
Not to lose touch.

You said you understood,
But you don’t. Through no fault of your own.

I am sorry,
Goodbyes are hard to say,
I do not know how to say it.
If to say it.

The torture I go through,
Goodbye needs to be said.

But it isn’t that simple.

You make me the happiest I have ever been,
But also the most sad and hurt.

I never want to hurt you.
So should I hurt you, to make the goodbye easier?

Should I stop contact?
Be a person who was just once a memory,
Good or bad,
But lost to time,
to circumstance.

Goodbyes are hard.
How to put them into words.

How to explain that you’d understand.

I never wanted to hurt you,
I care for you,
But it kills me,
Like you’ll never know.

But what’s worse than it killing me,
Is to know I’m hurting you.

That is why.

The mere reason.

I have not said goodbye.
Do not want to, even though I do.

The feelings I’ll sorely miss,
The feeling of living,
The feeling of being.

All I can hope for from this goodbye,
Is not to be left with feeling,
But to have the pain taken away.

Goodbyes are hard.

This is…

A goodbye I don’t know how to say.