The Being

The setting sun,

Those sleepless nights,

Those endless beings,

Those times you wished were different,

Those times when the being isn’t enough.

Those times when you cannot do what you should.

Cannot do what you need to help someone in need.

Those times,

Those times,

Why can’t I be the person you want,

The person you need,

The person you deserve.

Giddy Nature

Repetition of existence,

Being in the moment,

Living in the now.

Loving the present.

Excitement for the future.

Such giddy nature.

Don’t let go,

Don’t give in,

Be in the now,

Love the life you hold.

Be full,

With that giddy nature,

Love that being.

Hands held through this giddy nature,

The being of bliss,

Something like this…


This giddy nature.

This giddy nature we hold dear.

We be.

We live.

Live, love, be in the moment…

Of this giddy nature