I Fell For The Act

I feel for that act you played.

Being nice,

Being kind,

Joking and smiling and bumping into me.

All an act.

An ferocious act of deception,

To use.

The one word to describe you, MANIPULATIVE.
The one word for your specialism, USING PEOPLE.

You do so here,
You do so there,

People see this.

The only person I know, whose friends all mention your manipulation.

Your lies.

Your Janus two-faced nature.

A playful hug with one face, all kind, happy and warm.

With your frozen talons piercing through seared frozen flesh with the other.

Yet you do this willingly,

Do this happily.

I fell for act you played.

I was told to be wary, was warned from when I first met you.

I fell for it every time.

Defended you every time.

Even as you ripped a part of me;


How many times I did.

How many times.

I fell for that act.

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