That Box

Left with that box of pills,



Empty, hurt, broken, dead, death.

All awaiting a simple step. My one path.

One I want, but cannot take.
Please take me.


Please leave me be.

Please give me life.

Please take mine away from me.

One I do not deserve.

One I do not need.

Do not want.

Please. End my eternal suffering.


The choice I have before me,

The life to make,

To take

No difference it will make.

All gone. The everything felt.

Turned to nought.

To nothing.

All empty.

All meaningless. All gone.

It is all gone.

All for nothing.

All gone.

My life.

Flashed before my eyes.

The best parts. All built upon a lie.

All dashed through me.

All and dead.

Dead? No, worse than that.

Death is an end.

Worse than this.

A living torture.

One that is addicted.

One that hurts and never ends.

One that hurts and keeps going.

Time for change.

Time for the end. If I will  not now.

I shall forever live in agony.

Forever live in emptiness and hatred.