Those Little Things

Those little things you do,

That little smile,

That giggle,

My little fox,

The phone call before bed,

Even if only 5 minutes,

Gone to fast,

Lose time in totality,

Swimming in your voice.

That warmth,

From those little things,

That care,

From those little things,

The little things you do.

That make me fall…

Deeper and deeper in love with you.

Those little things.

To give myself to you,

To help you,

To be with you,

No matter what.

Always there if you need.

Are you using me?

Very well maybe.

But for now I’ll let myself, live in love, feeling. Those little things.
Writing this. After a phone call from my crush. At like 12am, a small chat, very nice. She’s phoned me recently every night around then. Been waiting up for it in case, as I’m in love. So happy. Hearing her voice, her mannerisms, her way of talking. Losing track of time, but never being enough.


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