In Love In Vain

In love in vain,

That feeling.

The warm smile you give,

The kind gesture,

That kind hand.

That warm smile,

Turns my world gold, that whole world warm and bejewelled, happy and bright and warm.

Totally lovely,

All good.

But I’m in love in vain.

I know.

But I love this,

Your warm, kind smile.

All good, all beautiful, all nice.

In love, in vain.

In love.

In vain.

No Good For Me

You’re no good for me,

Always there, even as it hurts.

As it kills me.

Need to realise,

Sometimes those clicks,

Those moments of clarity,

Given me pain,



Am I blind to what you do?

Why do I walk into your knife.

Why do I do this?



I will get through,

Hopefully without you.

As you are no good for me.