Those Who Are There For You

Those kind souls,

There through the storms.

Helping, caring, at the worst times.

Always caring, whether there or not.

Always there in spirit, if not in person.

A laugh, some joy, a pick-up,
In those dark times.

Turning around the darkness, into light.
I shall always do the same.
Shall always help, however the need.

As, you gave me so much to help me turn around.
I will turn around
I will fight, to make myself better, happier.
A person I would like to live as,
A person that can do whatever I want.
And I will.

Because I care, I hope, I dream.
I’ll work, I’ll think, I’ll aspire.
I’ll be the best I can.
And give all the best I can.
To the ends of caring for those who are there for you.

Words can’t express the troubles,
Even less-so,
Words can’t express the joys.
The help from those kind people.
The help from those who care.

Even in those times you do not think they do.
Even in those times, you feel alone.
Know, that they are there, with you, every step of the way.
They are there in spirit.

I can do it.
You can do it.

This journey of life will take us great places.

Even if separate.

I still care in whatever times of need, you face.

As you have been there in mine.

To those who are there for you.
Whatever separate paths we follow.

I will be better, get better- for me. All thanks to you.

You will fly, in the face of all adversity,
Will achieve your dreams, your desires and wants.

As I will mine.

Nothing left to say. But thanks.

To those of you who care.


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