Words From A Stranger

Words from a stranger,

Encouragement from nothing,
An insight given, insight received.

Drive to continue, my passion.
A sweet encouragement for writing,

For self-expression.

Out of nowhere,

Took the time to read,
To encourage and help

Those times,
Meeting strangers,

Potentially worlds apart.

The words from a stranger,

Words from a stranger,
For a time,
And another.

Words traverse this wide chasm,
Of reality,
A meeting of minds,
If only for a time.

What Love Means To Me

A close friend asked, I couldn’t answer, I knew, but didn’t know how to express, now I’ve answered it, with complete meaning and feeling. Against the abstract image worth fighting for, worth living and trying to find.

Love is the mutual empathy,

Love, care and compassion,

The help I give you, through it all.

Knowing you’d be there to do the same for me,

The effort and willingness to help.

The kindness,

The care,

Love is the walks in the park,

The trip to the beach,

A nice summer walk through a forest,

It’s in all those large moments like anniversaries, birthday, meeting the family and celebrations.

In those small moments watching tv, on the sofa with them. Laughing, cooking, singing, living.

The whole world our oyster,

Just those small times,

Those nice times.

But as the storm draws near to you, I’ll be your wall, help, comfort, cry. A warm embrace, kind words, a mere presence in the sea of black.

For you to do the same when my storm comes.

To walk in the sunmer’s sun,

Not knowing what is to come,

But knowing it will be overcome.

To step over the strifes the troubles.

Mutual care, mutual kindness.

I’d win my battles, just to help you fight yours.

We won’t lose.

You won’t lose.

I just hope I can see that win.