Feelings That Never Fade

Feelings that hurt,

Don’t fade,

No matter how hard you try,

That linger, that persist.

Even through the pain caused.

The feelings continue,

No matter how I try for you.

To let go,

To leave,

To numb my mind,

To erase the mind.

To be better,

To strive.

This pain, the feelings linger on.

No matter what I try,

How I try.

I shall continue,

To numb my mind,

My feelings,

For you,

To numb, to erase.

The feelings that never fade.

Sea of Thoughts

Inside my sea of thoughts,


Hopes, a dark presence.

The pain, the shadows to keep you,

To grasp you, to never let go.

To rip you from comfort.

Within the sea of thoughts.

Nothing to console me.

The dark sea to drown me.

The presence to swallow me.

In darkness,

In fright.


With no air in sight.

Inside my dark sea of thoughts, where the behemoth will drown me.


Those things to guide you,

To bring you joy,

Bring you the drive to action.

To bring you meaning and determination.

To make you who you are,

Guide you to fulfilling your potential.

Guide you to living life,

Making a life from your living.

Aspirations and their intricate workings,

Ever-so present in your mind.

Aspirations, to give you the drive.

Those Lonely Nights

Those lonely nights, nothing to share,

No one to hold,

All alone.

Those sad songs, my only comfort. As I lay in bed.

Only my mind to talk to.

The silence,

The black night.

Trying to stay positive.

Yet this silence haunts me.

Mood changing,


Sad and lonely.

I try to forget.

Listen to a happy song,

To keep me.

To remember the being around friends,

To save from the lonely,

Existential anguish,

Always surrounding me.

When I am lonely.

Always the reminder,

Always the sign.

On those lonely nights.