Chained inside the confines of the mind,

Tearing to get out,
Find an escape,

My little comforts keep my going,
Chained up within my mind,

There is little comfort to be found,
Through the harsh metal,
Cold fingers, grasping and clinging round me,
Tightening the more I struggle,
Choking me, the more I try to escape.

Images flash,
People leaving,
Hurtful words said,
Blame attributed to me.
Hurtful words stinging like a hot iron,
Applied directly to the core of my mind.

These chains also hold me,
Keep me from falling,
Keep me going,
Against my will,
But is my entirety,
Is my existence

Is my being and my living.

These chains, confine and continue me.

Spring In Bloom

The trees, livening up with infinite colour.

Brightening up even the darkest shadow.

The delicate cherry blossom,
Fragile and beautiful.

In bloom the flowers shining bright for all to see,
People walking by,
The rabbits hopping around,
Children playing in the sun, without a care in the world.
Even with insects in frenzy of what the new year has brought them.
A new world.

Spring is in bloom,
A new world created,
A spiral of sensations,
From this springtime bloom.

The heat, the colours and sounds,

All a comforting frenzy vying for attention,

Grabbing what little you have left.

In total awe for this new season,

This new year,

This new time for change, rejuvenation and light.

This new time,

With spring in bloom.

Broken Glasses

The different perspective,

The alternate reality,

The faulty being.

The bad, confused looks,

Broken perspective,

Faulty mind,

Fracturing from a crack,

Splintering from the stress.

Living through those broken glasses,

Their embrace,

Their change of life.

No one sees but me.

The faulted picture of life,

Through my mind.