Song on the Radio

That song,

The memories,

The reminder of the times,

The reminder of you.

That I try to push out,

Try to escape.

The good times and the bad.

All reminded of you.

This song on the radio,

Saves and ends me.

Brings me joy and pain. To end in tears.

The end,

The last song,

That last time.

That song, playing on the radio.

Goals for self-betterment – Summer 2017

A list of goals, if I start this first full-time job, and will have my own time free for my own use, unlike when I have been studying

  • Learn Spanish
  • Learn Russian
  • Read Piketty’s ‘Capital’
  • Read history books
  • Watch educational Youtube videos
  • Get ‘Great Courses Plus’ and learn interesting courses
  • Write more poetry
  • Go exploring around my area
  • Learn guitar
  • Try to get back into photography
  • Eat better
  • Do more exercise and work out
  • Play more badminton