Meaning of Care

The meaning of care,

A word here or there,

Feelings shared.

A hug,

A friendly mind,

Someone there,

Your hand in mine.

Letting me know someone is there,

That someone cares.

Kindness immense,

Feelings indescribable.

Knowing that someone cares.

My kindness, my care,

I pledge,

To make you feel better,

Help you feel alright.

Even if I fail. I would have won;

If you knew you had someone who cares.

Someone to talk to when totally alone.

A shoulder to cry on, when needed.

A person, hanging onto your friendship.

A person who will never let you fall,

And if I can’t stop it.

I will not let you fall alone.

I’ll be there every step of the way.

To let you know,

Someone cares.

I care.

This is my.

My meaning of care.


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