Mistakes Made. Times Ahead.

Mistakes made,

Path walked, misguided by my own hands.

All gone,

A flash before my eyes,

Time to look ahead.

To see where to go,

What pieces are left.

Of my mind,

My broken, faulty and failing mind.

I will find a fix,

A way to escape my demons.

A way to avoid their dark embrace.

To step closer to the light.

To move on in face of the darkness.

To look the other way.

To find peace. An escape.

Always looking.

A plan on hold, to see where I go.

Nearing ever closer, this need to find the light.

To escape the demons that plague my mind.

My mistakes are made.

All final and done.

Set in stone.

Now it’s to find what is left among the rubble,

To pick up the salvageable.

To move on,

And find a life.

I can live,

Despite the past.

Despite my mistakes made,

And to look for the times ahead.

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