Thankfulness to Friends Always There

Those kind souls always there,

In my times of need.

When I have nowhere.

The help steady me,

Remind me of life’s wonders, even if I’m not ready to see them.

They bless me with their company and kindness,

Unconditional and caring.

They help me.

Even as I don’t know how to help myself.

Even as I push back,

As I hurt.

They don’t give up.

Even when I think they should.

They remind me,

That I would do the same for them.

And I would.

They help,

I’m indebted.

My promise of kindness, care and help.

To whose who’ve stuck with my madness.

Always care to offer.

As they have for me.

I say goodnight now,

Knowing they have helped me.

Till the morning to see them again,

To be a better me.

To help them.

As they have helped me.

They’ve saved me from my demons,

On countless occasions.

Helped me to see the light,

When only showed the pain.

They give me, an indescribable feeling.

That. Life goes on.


There is something.

That. My demons may be there.

But do not control me.

My friends. I am ever-thankful. More than human language can comprehend.

More than anything else. I am ever-grateful. For what you have given me.

It may be nothing,

This kindness, cares and compassion.

But this ‘nothing’ is more than I could ever ask for.

More that I could ever want.

And for this my friends.

You will see my eternal gratitude.


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