Trying to Be Me

Trying to be me,

Knowing it corrupts,

Trying, hurting. Always hurting.

Hurting those I care about.


Walking into the pain.


Trying to be good.

Trying to be me.

Trying to help and making things worse.

Hurting and always hurting others.

Trying, wanting.

Trying to be better.

Wanting to help.

Wanting to be me.

It always hurts others.

Trying to cope.

Not helping.

Knowing I corrupt every good thing.

Knowing I hurt all I care about.

Unintentional. But someone walk myself down that path.

Down that dark and lonely road.

Down the path and into the arms,

Of oblivion.

Of life.

Of the endless…


That I put others through.

To be left.



With nothing.

Hurting everyone.

Trying to be me.

But always hurting.

Those I care about.

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