Finding that Footing

Finding that footing,

Those delicate footsteps,

Growing heavier every day,

New directions every way.

New sights every side,

No indicationto direction,

That large guiding light,

The figure there to help,

To point and comfort,

To smile and cry,

While you. There. Find your way.

Letting you make mistakes,

Picking you up when you fall,

Comforting those tears,

Hearing through the solitude.

Bringing the brightness to your smile.

While you there,

Are finding your footing.

New Surroundings

New surroundings,

The birds chirping,

Wind blowing,

Trees rustling

And life ongoing.

The vibrant colours,

The ever-moving,

The ever changing.

Sitting in a new place, far from it all,

A place for escape, for hiding, solitude and safety.

One of those places.


In one of those new places,

Golden places,

Treasured places.