Nature Thrown Away

The rubbish littered across the floor,

Transformation of my space,

The alien landscape, unfamiliar.

My own face, unrecognisable to me,

The stripping,

The losing

The transformation.

The ending of an era,

Ending of a face.

To be replaced by the fake.

The copied.

The edited,

Where we live,



When nature’s thrown away

What Will Be

What will be,

The little messages,

Small conversations,

People met,

Friendships kept,

Life ongoing

Outcomes found,

All these things will be, as they will, be.

Will continue, will change

Will find their way.

To continue, change and form.

Will be, and live and find.

Answers to those questions,

Embodying hopes, dreams, aspirations and paths to be found.

Those things that will be.

These times to come,

Places to see,

People to meet,

These things continue,

These things will be,

As they continue to be.