Nature Thrown Away

The rubbish littered across the floor,

Transformation of my space,

The alien landscape, unfamiliar.

My own face, unrecognisable to me,

The stripping,

The losing

The transformation.

The ending of an era,

Ending of a face.

To be replaced by the fake.

The copied.

The edited,

Where we live,



When nature’s thrown away

3 thoughts on “Nature Thrown Away

  1. It was almost since humanity started to develop more and more dominating the planet nature started to become less and less and we then began filling our air with toxic fumes and then filling our oceans with oil and trash many animals that were around during our time are now but gone and there’s so much damage that there’s no telling what could happen in the next few years with our growing population

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    1. Yeah, but hope shouldn’t be lost, science can save what we have left, nuclear fusion for energy, building techniques so we don’t have to build over preexisting language and space exploration for the growing population, we could save the planet if humans managed to be able to live on others or around Earth

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