Darkness of the Mind’s Eye 

Darkness of the mind,


Waiting to push you out 

Detoxify your corruption.

Break away and push you out.

Out of me,

Out of my mind.

Purge the darkness from my mind.

Set myself free.

From the talons of the dark presence.

Waiting to escape the torture of my mind.

Break free.

Climb the piercing mountain.

Swim the torrents of the sea. 

Fight the wind’s cold piercing embrace.

Escape the mind-death.

Escape the deadly embrace.

Sometimes I wish to give in.

Let the cold wind surround and snuff me out.

But until that moment.

I am trapped.

Within the darkness of the mind’s eye.


Broken and bashed,

Left without a shell and tired,

With no place to look or go.

Dire situations becomes my water, my air.

The end comes, broken apart.

The pieces flung across.

Given up and lost,

Thrown from familiarity,

Into a sea of confusion


Broken at the seams


Anticipation for the change,


Nothing known,

Everything stuck in a cloud of uncertainty.

Wonder, chance, amazement.

Excitement for what may be,

Worry for the ending, the cessation.

The continuation.

The wonderment

Waiting, wondering, watching…

With anticipation.

Weeping Willow

Oh weeping willow,

Why do you weep like that?

Hunched over, and drooping,

Rooted there, crying.

Left there,

Alone by the lakeside,

Alone, with nothing to find.

But look around you, watch that view,

Look at the beauty,

Brought forth by the lake,

Just like you,

You add to this beauty too,

You do weeping willow.

You do.

Ghosts in Your Shadow


Walking behind you,

Steps behind, footsteps mirroring yours.

The reminder, the walk.

Trying to escape,

Trying to escape your fate,

Your outcome.

To run from these ghosts and their power over me,

Walking in my shadow,

Speaking with my own voice,

Looking through my own eyes.

Those ghosts left behind.

Walking in your shadow.

Persist and try.

To escape my scary ghosts and my terrible lies.

To escape the ghosts in my shadows