Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

The pain behind the smile,

Everyone fooled.

People wondering around,

Blundering around,

Living the lie they tell themselves.

I see but wish I did not.

A door that, once open cannot be closed.

A door of hurt and pain.

One that hurts with pain never-ending.

Waiting for the end.

Wubba lubba dub dub,

The way life works, the way it goes.

The way it goes, in existential angst while the world walks blind,

I’m happy blitz.

Sadness is the truth, while bliss is a convenient lie.

No matter what may come,

Adventures, friends, opportunities of all kinds.

Means nothing. In this life of nothing.

Means nothing when faced with the pain of living.

Means nothing when help is an escape,

From the pain,

From living.

From the unavoidable existential reality in which we live,

Unless we live blind to the truth.

Like ignorant robots, capable of nothing more than lying effectively to ourselves.

An age-old question, is a horrible truth better than I blissful lie?

I say the former, to live in truth,

But it hurts,

I’m in great pain, please help me.

Wubba lubba dub dub.
A ‘Rick and Morty’ quote, one of my favourites, a catchphrase, said with enthusiasm until the meaning is learned; “I am in great pain, please help me”. From when I heard the meaning the first time, it spoke to me.

Drift Off

Drift off,

Across this sea of black,

Off into the dark seas

Armed with a boat and sail,

To sail and avoid the creature of the depth.

The hate that tries to bring me down.

To the depths,

To drown and end me.

I persist. In spite of all odds.

The breath of the night,

Weighing on my soul,

Trying to keep afloat.

Out of the water I jump, back to the safety of my raft,

The last breath of warmth I find.

This hidden, warmth,

To be found against the cold sea wind,

Whispering into my ear,

Mesmerising with it’s message.

To dive into the depths.

Off I drift, across this dark sea.

To see where it takes me.

To see where I go,

Where I end up.

Across, adrift this dark sea of black.

Cold Embrace

The cold embrace of a night wind,

The piercing shivers to my core,

Feeling at home.

This cold.

The darkness to follow,

My home.

The cold embrace,

The dark unseen pain of the cold wind,

The dark breath,

The cold shivers, the night’s blanket.

A cold embrace of the night.

To swallow up the entirety of the universe.

The cold darkness,

Night sky,

Why do you feel so at home,

In everything,

The entirety.

Of this cold.

Waiting for it to take me away,

Dancing into the cold ice cold sea.

The swim into the universe,

The infinite sky,

The cold embrace,

The lying nature,

The dark.

My home away from warmth.

The stars going out.

As I recede into the distance,

Into the cold.

Off into the night sky I go.

Waiting, watching,

Listening to the silence,

The warmth drawn from me,

Like a donation for existence.

The being.

The cold.

My home.

The cold embrace that continues to envelop me.

Silent Sleepless Torment

The dark silence,

Waiting for a change,

In vain.

In pain.

Begging to sleep,

Lightheaded and empty,



When will it stop.

As I lay, in this silent sleepless torment.

Thinking of any way to cope.

To break out of my mind,

My cage,

My hurt and broken fate.

The claws ripping at my insides.

Dragging me back,

Dragging me down.

Into my torment.

Anything but this torment

The silence to hide the turmoil.

The darkness to hide the burns,

The emptiness to hide the torrent.

And here I am left.

By this complicit executor.

To my silent sleepless torment.

Awake, and unable to escape.

This silent sleepless torment.

Circle of Hypocrisy

That Janus-faced attitude,

The terrible deed done,

Storm of confusion,

Death-like figure clouding the darkness,

Groups of people unknown,

Clouded by the darkness of their hearts,

The parasitic depths to which they stoop.

The deathly grip they play,

The monopoly of chance of monopoly.

This intricate game played,

Torment and pain are the cards,

Deceit is the die,

Thrown around this board,

The circle of hypocrisy,

The terrible reality,

Bolstered through memory and continuity.

The living Lucifer,

Dancing with those fallen angels,

Those demons from within the depths.

Their pleasure from pain,

Target of torment,

A sick game played,

Wreck and ruin the aftermath.

Many words,

None describe.

This torment, disgust,

At the degradation of the depths of humanity,

The depths.

This circle of hypocrisy,

Ever-so shining its dark light into and through the light embrace of life.

Solidarity of Friends

Solidarity of friends,

A hand on your back,

Support behind you.

Your hand, always with my support. To help you through the tough times faced.

As you have for me, over and over.

I promise my friendship.

Pledge my support.

For my dearest friend,

For all of your continued support.

Asking for help is not needed.

It’s guaranteed fully.

For life.

As long as I am here.

You helped keep me here.

And I am eternally grateful.

Without exception.

I will stand by you,

Stand with you,

Defend you,

Console you,

Help you,

Leave you.

All to care, as you have done.

I pledge my support in solidarity.

With the truest of friends.