Circle of Hypocrisy

That Janus-faced attitude,

The terrible deed done,

Storm of confusion,

Death-like figure clouding the darkness,

Groups of people unknown,

Clouded by the darkness of their hearts,

The parasitic depths to which they stoop.

The deathly grip they play,

The monopoly of chance of monopoly.

This intricate game played,

Torment and pain are the cards,

Deceit is the die,

Thrown around this board,

The circle of hypocrisy,

The terrible reality,

Bolstered through memory and continuity.

The living Lucifer,

Dancing with those fallen angels,

Those demons from within the depths.

Their pleasure from pain,

Target of torment,

A sick game played,

Wreck and ruin the aftermath.

Many words,

None describe.

This torment, disgust,

At the degradation of the depths of humanity,

The depths.

This circle of hypocrisy,

Ever-so shining its dark light into and through the light embrace of life.


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