Cold Embrace

The cold embrace of a night wind,

The piercing shivers to my core,

Feeling at home.

This cold.

The darkness to follow,

My home.

The cold embrace,

The dark unseen pain of the cold wind,

The dark breath,

The cold shivers, the night’s blanket.

A cold embrace of the night.

To swallow up the entirety of the universe.

The cold darkness,

Night sky,

Why do you feel so at home,

In everything,

The entirety.

Of this cold.

Waiting for it to take me away,

Dancing into the cold ice cold sea.

The swim into the universe,

The infinite sky,

The cold embrace,

The lying nature,

The dark.

My home away from warmth.

The stars going out.

As I recede into the distance,

Into the cold.

Off into the night sky I go.

Waiting, watching,

Listening to the silence,

The warmth drawn from me,

Like a donation for existence.

The being.

The cold.

My home.

The cold embrace that continues to envelop me.

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