Drift Off

Drift off,

Across this sea of black,

Off into the dark seas

Armed with a boat and sail,

To sail and avoid the creature of the depth.

The hate that tries to bring me down.

To the depths,

To drown and end me.

I persist. In spite of all odds.

The breath of the night,

Weighing on my soul,

Trying to keep afloat.

Out of the water I jump, back to the safety of my raft,

The last breath of warmth I find.

This hidden, warmth,

To be found against the cold sea wind,

Whispering into my ear,

Mesmerising with it’s message.

To dive into the depths.

Off I drift, across this dark sea.

To see where it takes me.

To see where I go,

Where I end up.

Across, adrift this dark sea of black.


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