Silent Sleepless Torment

The dark silence,

Waiting for a change,

In vain.

In pain.

Begging to sleep,

Lightheaded and empty,



When will it stop.

As I lay, in this silent sleepless torment.

Thinking of any way to cope.

To break out of my mind,

My cage,

My hurt and broken fate.

The claws ripping at my insides.

Dragging me back,

Dragging me down.

Into my torment.

Anything but this torment

The silence to hide the turmoil.

The darkness to hide the burns,

The emptiness to hide the torrent.

And here I am left.

By this complicit executor.

To my silent sleepless torment.

Awake, and unable to escape.

This silent sleepless torment.


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