Erasure of error,

Of fault and mistake,

Of horror, hurt and the hideous.

To find escape from the claw that chokes me,

The grip that hurts me.

The horror I have found, hurtful,

Its lingering presence,

An error on my life,

A fault in need of correction.

A mistake to be remedied.

Needing fixing.

Needing my erasure,

From my existence,

The corruption influence,

A hideous parasite,

Needing erasure.

A head turned.

Voice unheard.

Eyes unseeing.

Being unnoticing.

Erasure is needed.

To make-stone the feeling.

To better the past, survive the future.

To correct this corruption,

To erase from my mind the horrible.

To find peace in erasure.

To find peace in tranquility.

To find peace in what is good.

I need erasure of what is bad.

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