Left Forgotten

Left forgotten,

Emptying the mind,

Clearing the feelings,

Mind a tabula rasa,

A cold landscape,

Empty and dead.

The cold hand left,


Out into the cold night.

Forgotten and to forget.

Ending forgotten

Left with the cold grasp of night.

The skeletal hand,

The ending embrace.

The sad, empty, loneliness

To leave it forgotten.

To clear the mind,

Numb it cold.

Freeze it out.

Numb it all.

Numb my mind,

And leave it forgotten.


Shaken, the feeling,

My hands trembling,

Heart racing

Feelings incoherent,

Speech rushed.

The slight sight I shake and wonder.

Mind goes numb,

Memory fades.

I am left empty, hurt, rushed and trying.

Shaken hurt and left,

Lost my leg,

My mind hurt.

My soul broken.

I am.

I have been shaken.

Hurt and shaken.