Watching As The Leaves Fall

Watching as the leaves fall,

Softly crunching on landing,

Floating forever,

Falling softly and gently.

Further and further.

Down an infinite spiral,

Into the sea of fallen leaves.

The end of a cycle waiting for renewal.

The death waiting for life,

The draining of entropy,

Waiting for something to bring it back to life.

And there I lie,

As the leaves fall,

As the colour fades,

As I close my eyes,

Waiting to drift off,

Among the cold autumn’s breeze.

To be taken away,

Far from here,

Adrift in the leaf’s breeze.

But here I lie,

Watching as the leaves fall,

The world does around me.

The trees fall,

The dead leaves embrace me.

And take me as we drift away.

Watching as the leaves fall.