The flow, the path,

Finding a way through barriers,

Around obstacles,

Life-giving and destructive,

Gentle touch and tsunami’s wrath.

This everflow of water,

Life giver, while also the mediator of drowning.

All needed yet also hurting.

The intricate power, kindness and grace,

Of this everflowing of water.

You leave and dry up,

Leaving a scar in your wake.

Taking the life from this land.

Escaping into the unknown.

Nothing to Fear

Pain and fear,

That language of life,

The translation of being,

The formation of everything,

The subjective experience of interpretation.

There is nothing to fear,

When the worst of fears is the daily reality.

Unable to notice pain,

When pain is a regularity of life, as breathing.

Not feeling pain,

When you’ve become so numb to the feeling.

Numb to all feeling.

Everything passes by your eye,

But nothing is noticed,

Nothing understood.

Everything left,

A mere imagination of taste.

The loss of understanding.

The alien world,

A new one.

Woke up in a world anew.

A world away from familiarity.

There is nothing to fear.

You cannot fear,

Cannot hurt,

Cannot feel,

Merely exist.

And wait,

For existing to end.

There is nothing to fear.