Complexities of Memory

Those complexities of memories,

Those pills taken?

Real or imagined.

Wished but are they real,

A memory implanted by a dream,

A wish wanted true,

But questioning if so,

Did that happen?

I guess not.

I’m certain not.

But hope somehow,

Deep down, it is true.

That the will leave me.

Escape me.

As my life drains away,

Into the deep sleep I dream of,

Where the pain will stop,

The torture will stop.

Living will stop.

That false memory of pills.

Oh I wish you truth,

For what I cannot do.

All I can do is live,

All I can do is dream,

All I can do is hope.

Live with the complexities of memory,

Of if those pills taken, were they true? Or merely a wish?

Where a wish may become a memory, or a hope.

For those pills taken. My life too.


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