Thank You

Thank you for all those times,

Those presents,

And kind conversations.

The times you are there.

Through my depths of hell,

My deepest depths,

My demons that you see.

It’s not fair on you,

Your life to lead,

Those kind words,

The times we hang out,

The shared moments.

Solidarity through pain.

Care through it all.

You continue to be there,

Even if it’s not fair on you.

Have to break out,

To let you live your own way.

To stop pressing my problems onto you.

To let you deal with your demons.

I thank you,

Through my goodbye.

Eternal gratitude,

For your continued efforts and support.

But, even if you don’t see it,

I need to free you from me.

So you can go on.

The kindness and care I show,

All for nothing,

If I don’t let you go,

To live,

Even if you don’t want to leave,

Don’t want to leave me in desperation.

I have to let you be.

So you can be so much more.

Unburdened by my presence.

I thank you eternally.

And for this reason,

I bid you goodbye,

To go on.

To be free.

Better Things to Do

You have, better things to do.

Than to look out for my existence,

To care through my irrationality.

To make kind, the pain of every breath.

Save you the pain by ending me.

Releasing the weight,

The burden.

Cutting off,

The weight from you.

As a drift down into darkness.

What you would never do.

So I’ll do it for you.

So you don’t have to.

So you won’t know.

As I drift off into the darkness.

Into the depths.

I drown.

You lift the burden.

My true friend.

To set free from the broken burden 


That point star, shining solo in the night sky,

Solo, alone and bright.

Radiant and alone.

Don’t let me lose my way,

Help me out of the darkness,

Help me on my way,

Out, into the world.

To find the right path,

To find my own way,

My own path.

Out into this world of dark.

To find my way into the light,

Into life,

To help this lost soul,

To find my humanity,

To stretch my arms out,

To embrace the world,

The beauty,

To make the most,

To make my life mine.

You point-star.

To point the way,

Out into the darkness,

Through it into the light of day.

A pathfinder, to fade when the job is done.

To make others’ lives kind,

Full of care,

Full of sentiments.

To find the way with this point-out into life.