That point star, shining solo in the night sky,

Solo, alone and bright.

Radiant and alone.

Don’t let me lose my way,

Help me out of the darkness,

Help me on my way,

Out, into the world.

To find the right path,

To find my own way,

My own path.

Out into this world of dark.

To find my way into the light,

Into life,

To help this lost soul,

To find my humanity,

To stretch my arms out,

To embrace the world,

The beauty,

To make the most,

To make my life mine.

You point-star.

To point the way,

Out into the darkness,

Through it into the light of day.

A pathfinder, to fade when the job is done.

To make others’ lives kind,

Full of care,

Full of sentiments.

To find the way with this point-out into life.

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