What A Shame

What a shame,

My life passing by my eyes,

Mood changing,

Heart aching,

Sick and in pain.

What a shame,

The brain still working and I’m helpless.

Those good times, sour before truly enjoyed,

Aching and in pain.

Burden on all,

Always a drain,

Waiting to float away.

Waiting to stop.

Being a pain.

Hurt, alone and afraid.

With no idea why.

No idea why.

Mood changing fast.

What a shame,

A wasted life on the wider scale.

A wasted drop in an ocean of tears.

The final stage in a mood gone dark.

The corrupting influence gripping.

Slipping, slowly and deeply.

Into the abyss.

A shameful end.

A mood gone sour,

With no inkling why.

The ocean dried up,

Grass all dying.

All gone south.

With no idea why.

All dead inside,

With no idea why.

All gone, effort run out.

Hurting those I care about.

Waiting to stop hurting.

Waiting to stop burdening.

Wanting to let go to free others.

From my dead weight.

My solitude in the depths of my past,

The depths of my mind.

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