Letting It All Out 

Letting it all out,

Letting it all go,

Pretending the fake like never known.

The hurt, sick and tired.

Ended my mind many times to avoid seeing.

The lies told,

Spoken behind me,

Last to know,

Empty and writhing.

All finished.

All given up.

Left a wreck and in rage.

Done and dusted.

Nothing matters.

I bring what I want as my determination is limitless.

Sick and tired.

Finished and done.

The openness a false dichotomy,

A fake truth and a truth that shouldn’t be told.

Sick and ended.

Worth nothing but to finish.

The final stretch,

A long and lonely road,

Long and lonely life to make my own.

To shape as I want as nothing will stop me.

The pain comes to a head.

An ever-reminder of all gone before.

All done.

Sick and tired and ended.

All without close.

To fake and fake until all I know is forgotten.

To eradicate my mind until I forget that happened.

To wreck my mind so it is unrecoverable.

To succumb to my darkest side,

To let it dig into my mind and rip it out.

To close all down,

To rip it out.

Leave nothing left.

To end it all.

To live it done.

To wipe the mind clean, of all that came before this present instant.

To end,

Be free,

Get closure.

To be empty.

Let it all out, and forget all that came before.


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