My Mind An Instrument

My mind, an instrument of my making,

My corruption and editing.

My rendering immobile to fix,


Wipe clear,

To wipe clear all that was once known,

To forget all that once held sway.

My building of walls,

Forgetting until forgotten,

Until the original appears to restructure a defence.

To cut a way through,

To erect the maze to get lost in.

To laugh in the face of the abyss.

I control the abyss and shape it to shape me.

To warp and reap,

To shape and deform,

All that was once known.

To something new and uncertain.

To change until what is there, bares no semblance to what came before.

To start anew.

A failed experiment.

A faulty copy.

A weak existence.

Time to go back,

Find what went wrong with life and start anew.

To play the mind,

Change the mind,

Hide and shape it.

End it and rebuild.

To empty it of all that came before.

To escape the pain of living it.

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