Standing Alone 

Standing alone,

As the door slams, shut.

The poison of mind, body and soul.

The blood runs cold,

Runs out.

The sting runs deep,

Rupturing my heart, head and mind.

The side never shown.

The wreckage as the mind falls,

The lonely darkness,

My only friend and hope.

The comfort to be left, my own.

The path all clear.

The cold shivers of night.

The rage screaming into the night.

All that is known flickering out of sight.

The emptiness is my only friend and solitude.

The comforting cold embrace.

The dark shroud to consume me wholly.

To rage and let out a scream for victory,

Victims of the mind,

Of the pain and ill-fate.

The way of life,

Ever running out.

Ever running cold under my skin.

Running deep and cold.

All erased cold at the slightest glance.

To be finished and free.
Written listening to Godsmack’s ‘I Stand Alone’


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