The Tragedy of Remembering


The looks faces and words.

You can forget yet wish to remember.

Nothing compared to the pain of remembering and always wishing to forget.

A mind like a sponge yet wanting to be empty.

Wanting to run dry and lose all that could be retained.

Forgetting is never the problem,

Remembering is always the problem,

In one way or another.

Never forget,

The one who remembers bears the pain,

The one who forgets is spared it,

Discomfort may be found through forgetting,

Yet only pain and torture awaits those who remember.

True friends turned enemy,

The kind words and being slowly soured before your eyes.

The hands at your neck, but never tight enough.

The light still there, wanting to slip into darkness.

The night sky exploding before your eyes.

The screams and scars of the mind.

Content and at home.

Anger giving control.

Who needs remembering when you have passing.

The silent end.

As everything started.

The shouts from within your mind.

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