Good Ends Are the Start of New Beginnings

Good ends, the start,

Of an limitless new beginning,

Of wonder and awe.

Those new times to come,

The new times to have and to hold.

Those new times to live,

While and in that ecstasy,

Those times to come.

The new path outstretched open and whole.

To make and build.

To make mine,

To hold and have to myself.

To share and to feel.

To make and be.

To create and live.

To love living.

To live loving and to be.

To be wholly.

To live like you control.

To live as you want to.

To be mine as I am to you.

To be alive and live and share.

Those times to share.

Those times to live and be whole,

Those times to live wholly,

To be content.

To feel alive and be good in its wholeness.

Those place to be and live,

To live, love, be whole, make my own and own what I make.

Those new beginnings. A new start. A new whole. A new being as I will be.