Stoner by John Williams. What it meant to me. #1

Been given Stoner by a very close friend, it is one of her favourite books. I treasure the thought. This is the present was behind my poem Little Gift From The Heart.

Read only the first part but it is a very intense book. It’s very thought provoking and I’m only a bit of the way through it. Another poem I wrote about it is called Realisation.

14 pages in:

The book so far speaks to me. About reality and strife, the meaning to be found in a meaningless reality. Is the meaning an illusion? Within a meaningless reality. Why suffer the toil and strife for an endless round of meaningless existing. The work done in the book being more difficult and strife than my own, but then that extends the meaning of the story. Only like 14 pages in when writing this.

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