Thrown To The Depths

Thrown to the depths,

Of uncertainty and strife.

Left with nothing but fears

Of the oncoming darkness.

The path of loss,

The way unknown and closed off to me.

Unsure about to the world of darkness I am about to be thrown to.

Alone in a world of uncertainty.

In a world of spinning,

Of crazy.

Where my mind is my sole enemy.

The death-grip of worry, the concern,

The flashing before my eyes,

Of what I cannot see, what I want to see.

What I  need to see, to avoid this worry,

To alleviate the suffering.

To make whole what has been broken,

To fix what is uncertain.

To avoid the grip of death,

The paralysis of worry,

To escape the dark depths.

To avoid being drowned in darkness.

To avoid being thrown to the depths.

Where nothing can save me.


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