When the Rain Subsides

The rain subsides,
The calm resumes,
The rain gradually patters to a close,

The sun emerges from its long slumber,
Tears drift down one’s face,
As peace comes back,
The petrichor rises in the air,

The clouds float away,
Revealing a bright blue sky,
The radiant sun,

And another day.
Another light,
Another day to make mine,
Awoken from a dark slumber,

Refreshed and revived,

Not finding the summer winding path,
But knowing where to look.

Rain subsides and the sun comes out,
A sunny spring day,
After the dark winter,
The daylight shining after the darkest night.

A new day, my own, owned by me.
Mine for the taking.
And I will take it.

When the rain subsides



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