Found Direction

Found this direction, a path to follow,

Uncertainty alleviated, yet not in totality,

But enough to move on,

Grasp the day,

Make it mine.

Make it bright.

Clear a path through the brush,

Light a way through the smoke.

Taken a day at a time,

Turning the day mine.

Forging a home.

Finding a life of my own.

Finding a space to claim,

A stake to place.

Finding the place to claim for my own.

Lost  In A World of Renewal

Lost and alone,

In an ever-changing world,

A world changing around me,

While I stay here, lost and watching in wonder.

Lost and unfeeling,

The gloomy-grey sky,

While all move on and I’m left behind.

All move away and I’m left alone.

The constant fight against the feeling.

Of sadness and lonliness,

Ever-looking for distractions.

Am I the only one?

To look up to that sky,

That gloomy sky,

To wonder my worth.

To wonder what’s left,

To wonder what’s worth.

Before being thrown down to reality.

To face the feeling,

To face the feeling.

Chasing The Demons Away

Chasing those demons away,

The voices and doubts in my own head,

Corrupting what is good and kind,

Hurting those I care for,

Throwing me from awareness and certainty.

Those dark thoughts inside, uncontrollable,

Always there and tempting.

Taking hold, taking control.

I shall defy,

Ignore the calls,

Ignore the doubts and live in total trust.

My friends use my back, they care.

As I totally do for them.

I can overcome.

To chase the demons away.