Monsters Of The Past

Monsters of the past,

Ever-reminder of pain, darkness and corruption.

Darkness lingering,

As I try to escape.

Trying to pull me under.

The shark circling beneath the dark ocean’s depths.

Teetering on the edge,

Looking out into darkness,

That was once behind me,

Trying to come in front of me.

Leave me empty within the darkness.

Not able to rest my head,

For the demons that lie in the depths.

Clamouring for the darkness,

Bubbling beneath the surface,

Festering in the darkness.

Rageing from within the depths.

The Tartarus of being.

The depths of the darkest feeling.

Feeding off turmoil.

Wrecking what is fixed and whole.

The monster of the past.

That dark figure.

Monster of the dark past.


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